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Keeping You Connected At Home and On the Go.

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January 28, 2021

In today’s day and age, seniors are more active than ever before. But according to Statistics Canada, this comes with potential risks, as falls remain the most common cause of injury among older Canadians, estimating 1 in 3 seniors are likely to fall at least once throughout the year. The consequences of falls later in life can be serious, resulting in hospitalizations, reduced quality of life, chronic pain, injuries such as hip fractures, and increased risk of death.

What if you could maintain an active lifestyle, without sacrificing safety? Connect Care Medical Alert Service has been dedicated to helping Canadians maintain their independence at home, and on the go, with 24/7 service for over 30 years at the push of a button.


Hospital owned and operated, Connect Care is trusted by healthcare professionals, doctors and families to help seniors stay active, extend their lifespan and increase overall happiness, as well as independence. A simple push of the Connect Care Medical Alert Button and you’ll be instantly connected to our trained professionals who will ensure help is immediately on the way—providing peace of mind.

Wondering which Connect Care Medical Alert Button is right for you? With plenty of flexible options to suit every lifestyle, there is something for everyone. From standard neck and wrist pendants, to automatic fall detection, to a specialized GPS system to take on the go—let us help you pick the right Connect Care Medical Alert Button for you. 

Standard Pendants

Ideal for: Peace of mind for safety at home 

For those who simply want peace of mind, the standard pendant is a great way to enjoy daily activities without the worry of falling. The device can be worn either around the neck or on the wrist depending on comfortability. Once the button is pressed, a sensor is sent directly to our monitoring centre and help will be dispatched immediately. You can speak with a representative through the provided two-way speaker, so you can ensure help is on the way. Even if you are unable to speak, know that help will be dispatched immediately for ease of mind. The button is water resistant, providing a sense of safety when used in the shower or bath.

Automatic Fall Detection Pendants

Ideal for: Proactive fall prevention at home

Those who have previously experienced a fall or are at high risk of falling may want to consider the automatic fall detector necklace pendant. Using advanced sensors, the pendant can automatically detect when a fall has occurred and will contact the monitoring system automatically, without ever having to push the button. Once the sensor has been activated, you can speak with the operator from the two-way speaker connected to your landline. If the user is unable to speak, know that help will be dispatched immediately for ease of mind. 

GPS Safe

Ideal for: Staying connected at home and on the go.

For those always on the go, try Connect Care’s newest GPS Safe fall detection, available soon. If you remain active outside of the home and want to ensure your safety, whether it be on a hike, grocery shopping, or walking the dog— this is the best option for you. With the choice to either wear the system as a necklace, or clipped onto a pair of pants, the GPS Safe fall detector, can be taken anywhere - keeping you connected at home and on the go. If a fall does occur, there is a two-way speaker built directly into the pendant, so you can chat with the operator and provide details of your emergency— no matter where you are. This option offers the ultimate peace of mind, knowing the GPS Safe is equipped to know when and where a fall occurs. 

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