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Live safely and independently in your home for as long as possible.

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Connect Care, is an Emergency Response Service providing “Help at a touch of a button” for over 20 years in Halton.

Independence and solitude are priceless, but without safety, it can be unsettling for the entire family. Connect Care provides peace of mind for the entire family. 

Connect Care works with a wearable water proof button connected to your home telephone line. A simple press of the button automatically connects to our monitoring centre where trained staff can dispatch help immediately – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Immediately the staff will be able to pull up all of your information so there is no guess work at a time of need. For example, we will already know who to contact, whether it’s a family member, a neighbour or perhaps the EMS. We have a list of medications you are taking and any other important information that needs to be listed.

Connect Care is beneficial to people of all ages whether they are recuperating from surgery or a stroke, caring for a family member or living alone. It’s ideal for older clients and those living with chronic diseases such as arthritis or heart disease. “A few simple home safety solutions can make a world of difference in keeping your loved ones safe and feeling secure.”

Our hospital staff will be happy to provide home safety solutions specific to the clients needs. Connect Care’s Auto Fall Detector, automatically detects a fall and contacts our monitoring centre immediately. This unit provides additional safety for those who are unable to press their button. The system has been used in the UK and in Spain for the past 50 years with great success. The technology is second to none, and working 10 years ahead of it’s time. There is no other unit like it on the market today.

Halton Healthcare Services owns and operates Connect Care’s Medical Alert Service. All net proceeds support HHS hospital programs and services.

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For more information on Connect Care and client testimonials, visit the website, at or call call 1-800-665-7853.