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Medical Alert Buttons Are Not Just for Seniors

Senior Woman hugging Senior Man

When most people think about medical alarms or personal emergency response services, they think that this is something used only by seniors. However, personal emergency response services can be a great help for any person who may be unable to get medical assistance when they need it. Regardless of age, anyone can have difficulties getting help in a medical emergency. Consider getting a personal response service if any of the following conditions apply to you.

You are a Caretaker of Dependents

If you are a mother to a newborn infant or a private home care nurse tending to a patient, and if you happen to have a medical emergency you will need to access help yourself. A personal response service would allow you to access help quickly while you continue to look after your dependant.

You are Living with a Medical Condition or Physical Challenge

If you are facing decreasing mobility due Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s, have a heart condition or seizures, have recently been discharged from the hospital after heart surgery or knee or hip replacement, a medical alert button will ensure you get the help you need quickly and safely.

You are Living Alone

Perhaps you have recently lost your spouse or living alone. Living alone can decrease the chances of getting immediate help.   In a medical emergency you may not be able to reach a telephone. A Connect Care Medical Alert Button would allow you to access Help at the touch of a button.

A medical alarm is useful for anyone whose situation may prevent them from getting help in an emergency. Although seniors may be at a higher risk of a medical emergency, people of all ages who are living alone are at risk of being unable to receive medical attention when they need it most. If you are living far from relatives or neighbours and in a rural area, it is less likely that a medical emergency would be noticed in time to send for help. Having a Medical  Alert service installed will help you access the help you need quickly, 24 hours a  day, 7 days a week.

Enjoy peace of mind with Connect Care today!